How to use Boyum Add-on to integrate SAP Business One with external systems


How to use Boyum Add-on to integrate SAP Business One with external systems

If you are familiar with Boyum-IT add-on: B1 Usability Package, you know that there are different types of Universal Functions available.

Two types were introduced a couple of versions ago:

  • File Exporter
  • File Importer

Universal Function Configuration

In this post I will show you how I used the File Exporter option to integrate SAP Business One with the customer’s bank.

Business Case

Bank of America offers an option called e-Payable. This option allows the company to pay its vendors using this automated feature.

The bank needs that the company’s system generates a file with the vendor and invoices information. In this case the file format was .CSV

Using File Exporter

After analyzing the file structure and its fields, all I had to do is map the fields to SAP fields and create a custom query.

Below you can see how I setup the query and linked the fields to the Universal Function:

Universal Function - File Exporter

Since this integration required to send payment information, I just had to query the Outgoing Payments.

Also, to mark each Outgoing Payment as sent I created an UDF with a flag Yes/No and the Date it was sent for tracking purposes.

The Universal Function offers an option to mark the record as handled:

Universal Function - Mark as handled


Universal Function Batch Configuration

Since I will need to send multiple Outgoing Payments, the next step is to setup an UF Batch Configuration.

This will only return the Outgoing Payments that need to be send:

Universal Function Batch Configuration

Universal Function Batch Runner

The last step within the Boyum add-on is to make sure the Batch Runner option works properly:

Batch Runner

As you can see I have one record pending to be sent.

Since in this business scenario, the customer wants to control the files that are sent to the Bank, all I had to do is to create a menu option where they can trigger this step manually:

Add Menu

Once the file is generated, it will be saved on a specific network location:

Universal function configuration - Output file location

I just created a job to move this file to the bank SFTP server.

If the customer wants to automate this step, you can use Boyum Scheduler to run this batch configuration on a schedule basis.

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